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What is a Digital Certificate?
Digital Certificates serve as an identity of an individual for a certain purpose, e.g. a driving license identifies someone who can legally drive in a particular country. Likewise, a Digital Certificate can be presented electronically to prove your identity or your right to access information or services on the Internet. Digital Certificates are the digital equivalents (i.e. electronic format) of physical or paper Certificates like your driving license, passport or membership cards.
Digital Certificates to individuals:
Through SafeScrypt we offer an entire range of Individual Certificates tailored to address various needs of the Market. These Certificates are used for a host of purposes like secure authentication, signing documents or transactions, etc. Digitally signed documents or transactions have the same legal validity as physically signed documents in any Indian court of law as per the Indian IT Act 2000, provided they have been signed via a Digital Signature Certificate issued by a licensed Certifying Authority in India , like SafeScrypt.
Various kind of individual digital signatures are as follows:

  • RCAI Class 3 Certificates - Individual -> A Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary for signing e-returns
  • RCAI Class 3 Certificates - With Org Name -> For employees of the companies to file e-tender for organizations like IFFCO, Northern Railway. For Stock Broking companies for signing contract notes.
  • VTN Class 3 Certificates -> Signing and Encrypting Emails (Offers Security and Legal Validity)
  • VTN Class 1 Certificate -> Signing & Encrypting Emails (Offers only Security and No Legal Validity)
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