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SSL Validation Process:

To take certificate issuance to the next level of accuracy, some modifications have been implemented to standard as well as Domain control validation (DCV) process. There are some methods for your ssl Certificate pre validation.

Domain prevalidation (DCV Method): Before DigiCert can give a SSL/TLS Certificates, you should show control over the areas and any SANs (Subject Alternative Names) on the request. This procedure is the Domain Control Validation (DCV) process.

DigiCert Support DCV Methods: WHOIS-based Email, Constructed Email, DNS TXT, and HTTP Practical Demonstration (also alluded to as File or FileAuth).Domain pre validation process is done by Cert central that permits you to approve your domain before you start ordering Certificates for them. It permits quicker issuance of certificate. Domain pre validation is required for immediate certificate issuance

1) Email DCV method: With this strategy, DigiCert sends two sets of DCV emails, WHOIS-based and Constructed. To exhibit authority over the domain, an email recipient adheres to the directions in a confirmation email sent for the domain. The confirmation procedure comprises visiting the connection provided in the email and following the directions on the page.

  • DCV Based method based on WHOIS: This is most used DCV method to confirm domain ownership. In this method DigiCert sends and authorized mail to the registered owners of the public domain based on WHOIS Record.
  • Constructed Email DCV method: In this method DigiCert sends authorization email to any of the five domain constructed email addresses:,,, , and where is the domain_name.

If we cannot find an MX record for [ i.e. the domain name], you must use one of the other supported DCV methods to demonstrate your control over the domain.

2) MX Records or Mail Exchanger Records: It is a sort of resource record in Domain Name system. In this technique we can effectively send a validation email to the domain owner and confirm.We must ensure that an MX record exists in the DNS records of the recipient's domain name to enables us to send a valid email.

For instance, you need to get your DCV email at one of the constructed email addresses for, To effectively send a DCV Email to, we should initially discover a MX record for said address that recognizes the server (e.g., set up to get the messages bound for

If we find an MX record, we can successfully send a DCV email to If we do not find an MX record, no DCV email is sent because we cannot identify the proper mail server.

3) DNS TXT DCV Method: Instructions for authorizing a domain using DNS TXT as the DCV method. include a DigiCert generated token (provided for domain in your CertCentral account) to the domain DNS as a TXT record. When DigiCert looks for DNS TXT records related with the domain, we can discover a record that incorporates the DigiCert verification token.

4) HTTP Practical Demonstration DCV method: Check the status of your TLS/SSL certificate order and use the HTTP practical demonstration DCV method to demonstrate control over a domain on the order.

Host a document containing a DigiCert generated random value (provide for the domain in your CertCentral account) at a predetermined location on your site syntax: [[your-domain]/.well-known/pki-validation/fileauth.txt, DigiCert visits the specified URL to confirm the presence of our random value after the file has been created and placed on the site.