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Secure your site with Wild Card SSL Certificate
Wild Card SSL Certificate
Wild Card SSL issue with a "Common Name" of * This "Wildcard" SSL Certificate can then be used on any sub domain belonging to the domain name. For example, a Certificate application for:

can be used to secure...

Wild Card SSL Certificate Features

Upto 256-bit Encryption: Banking data, secured sign in or self-service interaction information, everything is secured with 256 but encryption certificate.

Secures Unlimited Sub-domains: With single wild card SSL certificate secure unlimited sub-domains.

Highest Browser Ubiquity in the industry: Wild card certificate issued is recognized by most of the existing browsers, so secured transactions can be made easily.

Stringent Business Verification: Due to stringent verification process, this trusted Certificate does not undermine consumer confidence with the SSL protocol.

Issued within 2 days: Once we receive your documents, certificate can be installed within 2 days.

Trusted Site Seal::A piece of JavaScript can be added to the web page in your secured domain. It's and image of trust mark by certificate authority.

Unlimited Free Reissues: One certificate purchased for a domain can be used for multiple sub-domains.

Supports IDN: Character sets other than standard ASCII are supported in domain names.

If you need to secure multiple sub-domains on your website then Wildcard Server Certificate are the right certificates for you.

The Benefits of a Wildcard SSL Certificate:
  • Secure an unlimited number of subdomains on your domain name with a single SSL Certificate
  • Helps future proof the addition of further secure subdomains and eases SSL management and IP address management
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