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Partner APIs Revamped – Stay Updated Now

The Level of Domain Validation Procedure, Elevated by Symantec

The inception of CA/B Forum Ballot 169 has brought revolutionary changes in the domain validation process. In other words, the guidelines included in the document are framed after extensive research to further streamline the domain validation procedure. These updates need to be implemented on your live environment from March 15th, 2017. Well! we completely understand that implementing these changes on a short interval will certainly be a daunting task. But, in order to maintain pace with the industry standards, it was an essential step. Our dedicated squad of seasoned engineers have been constantly working on this project to bring ease to its usability for everyone. So, let ’s get ready for more secured and reliable process, when it comes to domain validation.

Positive Change Brings Rewarding Results – Updates in Symantec File and DNS Based Authentication Process

File Authentication

The type of record file has been changed from .HTML to .TXT. The file will be provided to you, which needs to be uploaded on the respective website.

The character of random string value has been increased from 32 to 64 characters.

The path of file that needs to be uploaded includes two sub folders now.

Prior to uploading the TXT file, you need to create the two sub-folders as mentioned above.

The pattern of uploading string will remain the same. In other words, there is no change in the file uploading process.

DNS Authentication

Here, the new record type is TXT, which used to be CNAME in the past.

The random string value is doubled in this type of validation as well. Now, it is of 64 characters.

Now, TXT field should contain random string.

In your host name field, input FDQN or input @ if you need to map the record directly.

Verify if the TXT record is enabled in MX toolbox link, and propagating. If, it is enabled, then proceed further.

The Impact of New DV Changes – Sneak Peek

Implementation Timeframe

Tight Schedule of Process Transition by Symantec

Well! When it is about security, one should be quick in corrective measures.

Keeping it under consideration, Symantec has discontinued the conventional workflow of domain validation and come up with these process related updates. Orders that are processed via file or DNS based authentication after March 15th, 2017 need to be executed by email based authentication. Otherwise, you are required to cancel/reorder the same per new guidelines.

API/Plugins Update

Staying Updated with the Trend Pays Back Indeed

We recommend all our associates to keep updating their APIs and plugins. In order to make the authentication process flawless, feel free to follow the suggested authentication process. Moreover, our partners are required to understand the urgent announcement related to authentication, which is composed by Symantec. Connect with our award-winning tech support team in case of any query.


Products Impacted from Updates

DV SSL certificates of GeoTrust, Thawte, and RapidSSL need to adhere DV authentication updates.

Discontinued Methods of Authentication

Authentication Methods that Do Not Exist Anymore

Symantec happened to acknowledge Professional Opinion Letter (POL) and practical demonstrations to ensure the legitimacy of domain ownership in the past. But, these methods have become obsolete now.

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